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If you’re looking for a dentist in Tijuana, you’ve come to the right place. At All In 4 Implants, we are committed to offering the best services to our patients, so our main purpose is to become the best dentist in Tijuana that you can find. To achieve that we offer many services of dental care, with the only purpose of being able to solve all the problems that a proper dental treatment can solve. We know how difficult it can be to find quality dental services, among the great variety that exists today in Mexico. If we talk about Tijuana Mexico, we can tell you that there are many reasons that put us in the mexican list of the best Tijuana Dentists, and we will tell you some of them.


Tijuana is a city characterized by its dental tourism, it is for this reason that most of our patients are Americans who come to the city to visit our facilities.Our dental office is located just a few minutes from San Diego, in one of the most central areas of the city. This is ideal for all the people who come to Tijuana, Mexico looking for services like dental implants, whether they come from the United States or even Canada, because it gives them the opportunity to arrive quickly and without any problem to our dental office and also to perform other types of activities if they wish.


One of the main reasons Americans come to the city looking for dental work is because the prices in the United States are too high. Instead, in the city of Tijuana they can find the same services with the same techniques and guarantee saving thousands of dollars. Especially in dental Implants where we stand out for the high quality materials we use and the affordable price we offer.

Variety of services

At All In 4 Implants we stand out for the variety of dental procedures we offer. Although our specialty is dental implants, we have other types of services to maintain the oral health of our patients.

As we mentioned one of our main services are the dental implants for all those people who have lost several teeth and who are looking for a treatment that can offer them a fast and safe solution.

We focus on all-on-4 implants, a more durable and effective way to replace missing teeth, as they resemble normal teeth. Years of experience have allowed us to become specialists in dental implants, gaining the trust of our patients, which makes us the best option for this type of dental work.

In addition to dental implants, we care about offering other types of  dental solutions to our patients such as dental crowns for minor problems. Dental crowns are ideal for all those people who have lost or broken a tooth and want to regain their functionality and appearance. We have the best material, like porcelain, to offer the best quality in our services.

We know how important is the appearance of the teeth in the image of a person, for this reason we have the service of restorative dentistry, for whoever wishes to recover their beautiful smile. Our team of experts use materials like porcelain to give the teeth a more natural look.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry services to correct some issues, like crooked and stained teeth with treatments such as braces and veneers so you can have beautiful and healthy teeth.

You also will find our smile makeover service, which is designed to simultaneously address multiple cosmetic or structural imperfections and offers many benefits to our patients. The main one is obtaining a healthy smile.

Specialized Dental Clinic

Our clinic has more than 15 years of experience, low costs and best customer service in town, this is the reason why our team of dentists receive so many tourists in our dental clinic. In addition, most of our experts have specialized and obtained their education in the United States in prestigious schools like Harvard.

Thousands of patients have visited our clinic with different symptoms and each one of them has left satisfied with our advanced technology, treatment plan, dental techniques and the quality of service we offer.

If you or your children are presenting any type of symptoms that may indicate a problem with teeth, we invite you to contact us to carry out the necessary studies and through the expertise and knowledge of our team of dentists we will offer you the appropriate solution. We will happily answer all your questions.

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